Winter term 2022/23 and summer term 2023

Lecture (WS 2022/23)

Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics

Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard

Lectures: Mon 8:15 - 09:45, Fri 10:00 - 11:30, room P603

First lecture: 24 October 2022

Language: German
Lecture in ZEuS

Lecture (SS 2023)

Physics IK IV

Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard
apl. Prof. Dr. Mikhail Fonin

Lectures: Mon 11:45 - 13:15, Wed 8:15-9:45, Thu 10:00-11:30, Fri 11:45-13:15

First lecture: Mon 12 Apr 2023

Language: German
Lecture in ZEuS

Seminar (WS 2022/23)

Quantum Information and Entanglement

Dr. Dr. Regina Fintershölzl
Dr. Joris Kattemölle

Seminar: Thu, 13:30-15:00, room PZ801

First seminar: 27.10.2022

Language: German/English
Seminar in ZEuS

Seminar (SS 2023)

Spin qubits in semiconductors and two-dimensional materials

Dr. Lin Wang
Dr. Stephen McMillan

Language: English
Seminar in ZEuS

(more details will follow soon)