Group meeting

Wednesdays 10:00, Room: P1138

(between 10 April and 17 July 2024 the Goup meeting will take place on Wednesdays at 10:00)

from 22.07.2024: Mondays 10:00, Room: P1138




17.07.24 no group meeting  
10.07.24 Balázs Gulácsi  
03.07.24 Joris Kattemölle  
26.06.24 no group meeting  
19.06.24 Simon Stastny  
12.06.24 Lorenzo Bernazzani  
05.06.24 no group meeting  
29.05.24 no group meeting  
22.05.24 Karina Guerrero Hyperfine effects in spin shuttling
15.05.24 no group meeting  
08.05.24 Irina Heinz Phonon-induced frequency shifts in spin qubits
01.05.24 no group meeting  
24.04.24 no group meeting  
17.04.24 Daniel Nguyen Master thesis halftime report
01.04.24 no group meeting  
25.03.24 various APS/DPG summary
18.03.24 no group meeting  


(special date/time)

Yaser Hajati
Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes
Tobias Heinz
Violeta Ivanova-Rohling
Daniel Nguyen
Yetkin Pulcu
Michael Rohnen
Benedikt Tissot
Lin Wang

DPG practice talks

Regina Finsterhölzl
Violeta Ivanova
Jonas Lima
Stephen McMillan

APS practice talks


Room P1138

Tobias Heinz Master thesis (final presentation)
19.02.24 no group meeting  
12.02.24 no group meeting  
15:15  P603
Georg Angehrn (U Basel) Nonreciprocal Transport in the Normal and Superconducting State
05.02.24 Jonas Lima Spin shuttling in disordered Si/SiGe systems
29.01.24 Emanuel Hubenschmid Temporal correlations and entanglement in the electromagnetic field
22.01.24 Yaser Hajati Dynamical sweet spots for slopping-mode spin qubits
15.01.24 no group meeting