Journal Club 2023

on Condensed Matter Theory

The Journal Club is an event organized jointly with the Belzig and Zilberberg groups. It takes place in P1138 and via Zoom on Tuesdays at 12:00 noon. Below you find the list of proposed speakers. If you have any complaints about this schedule, feel free to write an email.

Please find more information on the procedure and the Journal Club calendar at the bottom of this page.





April 11 No JC    
April 18 Lorenzo Bernazzani    
April 25 Daniel Boneß    
May 2 Christian Carisch    
May 9 no JC    
May 16 Sebastian Diaz    
May 23 Balázs Gulácsi    
May 30 No JC    
June 6 No JC    
June 13 Mahsa Heydari    
June 20 No JC    
June 27 Regina Finsterhölzl    
July 4 Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes    
July 11 Matthias Hübler     
July 18 Michael Hein    
July 25 Emanuel Hubenschmid     
August 1 Irina Heinz     
August 8 Violeta Ivanova    
August 15 no JC    
August 22 Stephen McMillan    
August 29 No JC    
September 5 No JC    
September 12 Sourabh Patil    
September 19 Panch Ram    
September 26 no JC    
October 3 No JC    
October 10 Kilian Seibold    
October 17 No JC    
October 24 Soumya Sanjay Kumar    
October 31 Yetkin Pulcu    
November 7 Alexandr Svetogorov    
November 14 Lavi Upreti    
November 21 Benedikt Tissot    
November 28 No JC    
December 5 Greta Villa    
December 12 Dennis Wuhrer    
December 19 Lin Wang    
December 26 Yuhao Zhao (assuming this is the next date in sequential order)    

How to journalclub?

Pick three recent papers from the arXiv (cond-mat or quant-ph), PRLPRBPRAPRXPRX QuantumPhys. Rev. ResearchQuantumEPLNatureNature Phys, Nat. Commun., or Science (no review articles).

Preferably, the paper should not be older than three weeks when presented, or from the current issue in case of a monthly journal. Exception can be made in special cases.

The paper has to be of a theory flavour. If in an exceptional case an experimental work is presented, then the theoretical background must be thoroughly explained.

Send these papers until Tuesday the week before to GuidoWolfgangOded and David, and indicate your preferences.

Prepare a talk of 20-30 minutes. Including questions from the audience, the total duration of the presentation should not exceed 30 minutes.

Pay special attention to a proper introduction and motivation of the underlying concepts. Half of the talk should cover the basics (at least 10 min). To help others understand your slides, try to put a short summary at the end of each slide which answers the question "What is the main takeaway from this slide?". In general, focus on the most important results. It might not be necessary to show every single figure from the paper.

Announce the paper you will be presenting by writing to the mailing list on Friday.

Upload the slides of your talk to the university cloud.

Please bring a Meeting Owl to your talk.

Subscribe to the Journal Club calendar:

Import this URL into your preferred calendar application to have a list of Journal Club appointments: ""
Examples: In macOS calendar, go to "File > New Calendar Subscription" and paste the above URL. Configure as you want but I suggest to refresh weekly. In KDE's KOrganizer calendar, right click on the calendars list, choose "Add Calendar" and select "ICal Calendar File". In the filename entry paste the above URL, check the "Read only" box and refresh from time to time to stay updated. Note that you must be connected to the university VPN in home office for the calendar to work properly.